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“A tightly plotted page-turner that hits hard and keeps swinging. It’s a must-read for every fan of hard-edged crime fiction.”
– Dennis Tafoya, author of Dope Thief

“THE DEBT COLLECTOR plunges readers into a seedy world of dangerous gangsters and thugs; shady cops; shifting loyalties; explosive action; crackling dialogue; and a kick-ass protagonist. It’s one heckuva ride.”
– James Hankins, bestselling author of The Prettiest One and A Blood Thing

“In this action-packed story, Russo speeds you through twists and turns to the final satisfying finale where you think you have all the answers. But do you? Let THE DEBT COLLECTOR stretch the boundaries of your ethics to the limit.”
– Diane Fanning, Crime Writer


“THE DEAD DON’T SLEEP is white-knuckle, nonstop action, a story of hard men at their limits and grudges that never die.”
– Joseph Finder, NY Times bestselling author of House on Fire

“A dark tale of vengeance and redemption, complete with mystery, secrets, and a longing for new adventure. A delectable and poignant read.”
– Steve Berry, NY Times bestselling author of The Malta Exchange

“A well-crafted, tense, suspenseful thriller in which hatred that’s lasted a lifetime explodes into violence with uncontrollable consequences.”
– Thomas Perry, Edgar Award-winning author of The Butcher’s Boy

“THE DEAD DON’T SLEEP is the kind of a book we’re all looking for and seldom find anymore: a good old-fashioned, lock-up-the-kids-and-read-all-night thriller. Highly, highly recommended.”
– Jake Needham, author of the Mean Streets for Asia Crime Novels


“A chilling portrait of a psychopath on a murderous rampage. One hell of a debut for Steve Russo.”
– James Hayman, NY Times bestselling author of The Girl on the Bridge

“A stunning debut novel. Steve Russo hits it out of the park with an ingenious, diabolical plot, a unique voice, and complex characters that will stay with you long after you’ve turned the final page.”
– Charles Salzberg, Second Story Man, and the Shamus nominated Henry Swann Detective series

“I read THIEVES in one sitting – it’s propulsive, absorbing, and all too plausible. I warn you, these thieves will steal an entire day or two from you and you’ll love every minute of it.”
– Jonathan Stone, author of Moving Day, The Teller, and Days of Night